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Florentine Floral Pleated Dress | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

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Florentine Floral Pleated Dress by Kryz Uy. Kryz is a very well known fashionistas from Philippines. Not only she is well known in Philippines, she is also well known Internationally in the fashion blogger sphere. She has a very popular blog which is currently the number 2 ranking fashion blog in Philippines. Do remember to check out her blog.

I am always looking at how Asian dress in Asia. I know that currently Korean fashion is the most sought after. The Korean hurricane, similar to that of the Japanese one back in the days of the “beach boys” and “Heavens coin” hit every Asia country and even the world. The Koreans are smart to market it’s country through pop culture. Pushing Korean movies, songs, boy bands, girl groups and everything that is pop. That day when those people from the other side of the world started singing, “Nobody, nobody but you !” They have opened their hearts and embraced the Korean culture. However, it is definitely true that Korean fashion is one of the most fashionable and functional.

The other country worth mentioning is Philippines, it is one of the most diversified country in Asia in terms of fashion. Pinoys are very daring and adventurous when it comes to dressing up. There seems to be no barrier and everyone is open when it comes to dressing up. I believe such openness in their society lead to a great varieties of style. There is also a branch of hard working fashionistas that is leading the pack, injecting many new styles and inspiration. This had lead to a repercussion and had positively improved their fashion industry. I believe one day a Philippine fashion label will astonish the world.

Florentine Floral Pleated Dress (Sold out) style by Kryz Uy

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