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​Lexia aztec Mini Skirt Monotone by Amanda Custo (South Africa)

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Lexia aztec Mini Skirt Monotone by Amanda Custo, a young beautiful fashionista from South Africa. These pictures will definitely wow you. If you ask me how to dress for occasion, Amanda will show you how. Wearing our Aztec Mini Skirt to the origins of Aztec. How cool is that. I bet in ancient Aztec time, she will be worshipped as god of fashion. Be amazed by the amazing pictures that will give you the urge the visit Mexico. Previously she gave us Eiffel Tower now she give us Teotihuacan, the magnificent Aztec pyramid. More collaboration with her for sure, she is such a gem.

Please visit her blog and facebook.

​Heather Country Crochet Sundress - Normal and Cool

Heather Country Crochet Sundress by Jacky Mignon , a 18 year old fashionistas from Germany. Do you know she has many talents ? I particularly think she is an excellent make up artist. I went through her portfolio and there are really many great works. It’s also a pleasure to work with her too. I [...]

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Edinburg starry starry night. | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Antique tapestry jacquard dress style by Gabriela Karbowska, a 17 year old fashionistas from Poland. This time she travelled all the way to Edinburg for a shoot. It’s not an easy shoot as she climb to the top of a hill so that she has the city lights behind her as the back drop. That [...]

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​Maison ruffled resort blouse. | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Maison ruffled resort blouse style by Cécile, a young fashion blogger from France. The first time when I saw her I was totally in love with her look. She is so elegant looking, fair and her features are so exquisite. It’s so similar to those dainty ladies I saw in paintings. She has the look [...]

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​Antique tapestry jacquard dress. | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Antique tapestry jacquard dress by Nicoleta P. Nicoleta, a young freelance fashion blogger from Romania is back and she is now blissfully married, congrats. This time it took her a while to blog as she was busy with her wedding. You know there is so many things to prepare for a wedding, the worst part [...]

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​Mirander military romper. | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Mirander military romper by Manuella, a 20 something years old Student and Fashion Blogger from Bucharest, Romania with big dreams and a crush for New York. It’s great to work with this beautiful fashionista. She is very versatile and able to bring out the style of any design. Check out her blog and Facebook.Mirander military [...]

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Liv Peterpan Eyelet Blouson | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Liv Peterpan Eyelet Blouson style by Amanda Custo, a photographer and fashionista based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We love her very much and hope you do so too and please visit her blog and facebook. She is such a busy girl, right after her Paris trip she travelled to Mexico. And of course, she brought [...]

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Medieval crest motif belted dress | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Medieval crest motif belted dress by Mercedes Maya. This time I got two fashionistas to style this Kristine’s Collection apparel, Mercedes is the model and Connie who is also Mercedes sister is the photographer. I think it works when both siblings are interested in the same thing and when two of them are girls, its [...]

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Florentine Floral Pleated Dress | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Florentine Floral Pleated Dress by Kryz Uy. Kryz is a very well known fashionistas from Philippines. Not only she is well known in Philippines, she is also well known Internationally in the fashion blogger sphere. She has a very popular blog which is currently the number 2 ranking fashion blog in Philippines. Do remember to [...]

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Embroidery Cut-out Skater skirt goes to Paris

Embroidery Cut-Out Skater Skirt style by Amanda Custo, a photographer and fashionista based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She writes and takes photograph for her blog called Loubous and Lattes. I guess she love heels and coffee just like me. When I first saw her pictures on the internet I enjoyed it. I like the way [...]

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