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A lookbook for Kristine's Collection online fashion blog by heather bybee from USA.

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Lookbook by Heather Bybee, a 19 year old fashionista from the dessert. She is a very talented photographer and not to mention she has the kind of look that is very comfortable to look at. The look that both girls and guys like and will find it hard to dislike. Not sure if I can describe it accurately. But you can be the judge to the pictures below. Anyway, just a little bit more about how I feel about her. I do see a lot in her, the energy and the passion that is burning in her and you feel the warmth when you get near to her. I’m not near to her but I can feel it. She is very straight forward and this is what I like about her too.

These are some pictures of our unreleased designs and I must say that this is not the testimonial of her capability and talent in photography. I do take pictures myself some time and I realised that there are times when you get a picture in random and it turned out to be your best. Not to mention that you spent the past 2 hours under the scorching sun trying to get a perfect picture. It’s never perfect, that’s life. Life is never perfect, what makes your picture perfect. Life is full of unexpected surprises and so is photography. Never a day, you get the same picture. After rigorous practises and getting countless tips from experts, you may know how to get the kind of composition that you wanted. But at the end, you know it’s not one shot one kill. Lucky it’s digital world now, else many films will be wasted.

Just to mention that one of her picture received the most number of Hype on lookbook for the whole week which I think is really an achievement and also one of her picture was featured as the facebook cover for lookbook.nu.

Sweetie from Ukraine in Kristine's Collection top

Alyona Gromova, a 17 year old Ukrainian. Just in case you might be wondering where is Ukraine, it is in Eastern Europe. The second biggest continent in Europe in fact. It is rich in history, arts and it has lots of beautiful places. I would like to visit it some day. Back to Alyona, young [...]

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French crochet embroidery skater dress style be Leona

Leona Melíšková stunned us again with this new outfit post. The pictures are so well composed like a romantic sad song. Her solemn look with the back drop of bare branches under the sunset sky, how I wish I was there. We love how she carry the dress, dainty yet secretive. Her fair complexion was [...]

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Inspired young girl from Norway.

Ane G a 22 year old fashion blogger and fashion addict from Norway. She is a young girl who loves to travel and inspired to work for a fashion or culture magazine. Despite being young we love her mature thinking that is way beyond her age. This is quoted from her site, “Nothing makes me [...]

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Red, hot chilly autumn. Lini in our Laser Cut-out fit n flare dress

Lini Trinh, a vietnamese fashion blogger who is living in Germany. We love her fashion sense and believe that she can carry Kristine’s Collection apparels. You can see for yourself. Her femininity neutralised the loud scarlet Laser Cut-out fit n flare dress and the overall result is really soothing and pleasant to the eye.Lini in [...]

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Hong Kong, fashion capital of the East.

We had missed out a outfit post by Prisca. The sweet girl from Hong Kong reminded us about it. It really a nice post that shouldn’t be missed. Here you are, better late then never ! Don’t you think she is just so suitable for these dainty, sweet designs ? Prisca in our Crochet Trimmed Exposed [...]

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Fashion is a medicine

Jasmine L, a fashionista who is addicted to antique lace, tulle and anything that is romantic. But she is not so simple, beside dressing up herself she can give medical advises. Hard to find a link between these two but it’s the fact, she is a doctor. How cool is that ! Check her out [...]

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