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Quality Clothing from Singapore Online fashion store Kristine's Collection

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Quality Clothing

When I was younger, I used to see my Dad wearing the same shirt and pants. Back in those days, most parents are very frugal and they do not own many clothing. They worn the same shirt and pants for many years, those clothes went through numerous washes, tumbled dried and baking under the hot sun. And yet after so many years, the clothing are still wearable and they were made to last.

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Quality clothing from Singapore online fashion store

Overseas Shopping

I used to travel a lot due to work and I had been exposed to the most popular brands in many countries. And I shopped a lot due to the convenience of my work. Most of the brands were not available in Singapore back then. 

Online Shopping

Online shopping is what unleash the shopaholic nature in me. It started with ASOS followed by other local online shop and so on. I bought so much that I lost count and the quality of some clothes that I got from some online shops immediately turned me off. I threw it away without even trying. I am not sure why would some one produce clothes that are so bad in quality. The only plus point is that it's really cheap.

Sourcing Trip 

I started to sell my pre-loved clothes on forum and the dream of owning my own online shop started to form. Soon after I started a blogshop selling my pre-loved clothing. The responses were overwhelming and I decided to go for overseas sourcing trips to bring in designs that I love. One thing I learned from the sourcing trips are that you get what you paid for and we do not expect very high quality material if the cost is low. In 2009, Kristine's Collection, Singapore online fashion store is born.

Cotton for Quality clothings

Few factors about Quality

Some people do not understand quality at all. There have been an increasing demands for better quality clothing. Quality comes at a price and to a local online fashion store like Kristine's Collection it's always been a challenge balancing quality and price simply it's reciprocal. Below is a list of factors with regards to quality which I will go in depth in another post soon.

1) Fabric

2) Seams and Hems

3) Fasteners or Zip

4) Trimmings

5) Linings

6) Finer detailing

Photograph: Tim Ireland/PA

Trend is the key, who created trend.

High Street Fashion brands are the forces behind the trend, the designs they produce are creative, unique and made of top quality material with exquisite workmanship. For these you pay hundreds to thousand and not everyone can afford it. There are always high demands for these branded designs and soon many smaller manufacturers start to produce inspired designs of these High street Fashion brands and flood the market leading to Trend. You will suddenly see so many similar design and there are reasons why they are not producing it in better quality. They know that Trend comes and go and some trend do not last even a season. In order to reduce their risk, they lower their quality in order to mass produce. It make sense from a business point of view and from a consumer point of view it also works. You pay lower for a trendy design and you sacrifice on the quality. Some customers may claimed that they want a better quality for the trendy design and do not mind paying more but the fact is that you won't wear it when the trend is gone. You will want the next trendy design. 

A black lace dress is an example of a classic design 

Classic is evergreen

If you do not trend follow, you may prefer a classic design that is timeless. These designs are most likely to be produce in better quality material and workmanship and cost can varies. Simple reason being, these designs can be sold for a very long time there is no time frame like those of trends. 


From my personal point of view as a shopper. I strived to provide the best quality that I can get for the trendy designs at the most affordable prices. I cannot over promise as it can be really difficult to get the best of all worlds and my aim is base on the pie chart below to keep trendy design at affordable selling prices. The workmanship and material needs constant monitoring and improvement. I know it's not easy but Kristine's Collection will keep on working hard.

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