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Monique floral pants from Kristine's Collection

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Monique floral pants style by Malena Permentier, a fashionista from Netherlands currently residing in Australia for love. Please head down to her blog and facebook to know more.This is not just another pretty face, she is a law graduate. I must be very careful of what I say, just kidding. The reason this pretty face gave for setting up a fashion blog is to unleash her creativity and of course the “fashion complex” that every girl has.

Have you ever wonder if there are people who dress up exactly like you ? Pairing the same top with the same pants and the exact heels ? Is it possible ? I believe that there are unlimited ways of styling the same apparels and there will be such coincidence whereby 2 persons actually dress up similarly or even identical. Even if you made your apparels yourself but still there wil be another designer somewhere that might just have the same design. Not copycat but just coincident.

This pants is an example of such coincidence. I picked the fabric from a whole lot of prints and made it with cutting of a work pants that I own, don’t you think it’s unique in that case ? It is unique when I sold it on my site until I saw an identical pants in a boutique in town. Some one must have love my pants so much that they manufactured it using mine as a sample or is it just such coincidence that another person has the same idea too ?

Monique floral pants style by Malena Permentier

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