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Chapel stained glass sateen dress | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Gabriela Karbowska, a 17 year old fashionistas from Poland who has lots of energy to do lots of things. She read,bakes,cook and the list goes on. She love everything about fashion and love to share her perspective. This is her perspective of our stain glass dress. Do visit her blog and lookbook.Gabriela in our chapel stained [...]

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Kristine's Collection Rosette Bustier Playsuit

Lida Mankovskaya, a fashionistas born in Moldova but moved to Canada and finally ends up in a law school in California. Before studying law she was actually working in the film industry in Toronto since she graduated from Theatre and Cinema studies, so adverse and such a twist. If you are interested to know more [...]

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Andrea Gomez, 24 year old personal shopper from Spain owns a degree in fashion and pattern design. She looks at fashion from a very different perspective, she believe its to express one self, transmit emotion and also show the personality of the wearer. What I know is we really love her in our apparels and [...]

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Crochet Peterpan Blouson and Tailored Lacey Blazer from Kristine's Collection

Tiphanie, 19 year old student from Switzerland is back with more pretty pictures. We really love her in our apparels and will be sending her more apparels. Check out her blog and instagram @tiphaine_p.Tiphanie in our jolene crochet peterpan blouson Tiphanie in tailored lacey blazer off-white

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Embroidery Detailed Shiftdress, Singapore online fashion | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Embroidery Detailed Shiftdres is the next dress that is styled by Yasmin Nix, a pretty fashionista from Germany. She can carry this dress very well and don't you think it just look great on her ? Do Check out her blog and lookbookEmbroidery Detailed Shiftdress

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Key & roses printed dress styled by Yasmin. | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Yasmin Nix, a pretty fashionista from Germany who can, take great photos and a trained media designer. It’s so unfair that she is so talented and so pretty and for sure she looks really good in our aparels. Do Check out her blog and lookbookYasmin in our key & roses printed dressl

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Joana Gröblinghoff in Kristine's Collection Athena Maxi

Joana Gröblinghoff, a young pretty fashionistas from Germany is back once again and this time she is showing the lighter side of her. A bit dreamy and very whimsical. We are doing a mini project with her and do check her blog out for more details. Check out her blog and Facebook.Joana in our athena [...]

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Romania fashionistas style for Kristine's Collection

Ingrid Ispas, a young fashionistas from Romania who is also a model. I was attracted to her outfit post for a couple of magazines and decided to approach her. As you can see, she is so dedicated and even got a team to do the shoot. I must say from here we see how serious [...]

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Lynette floral collared frock | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Heather Bybee, 18 year old model from Arizona, United State is back. This time she is really getting our attention. In fact not only us but a lot of attention from other fashionistas, in only a short span of time, her look is already top on lookbook for the week. We are so proud [...]

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Applique Ribboning Hem Prom Dress | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Heather Bybee, 18 year old model from Arizona, United State. The first time I saw her pictures I was so in love with her. Lovely hair, sweet look and she is a girl who enjoys outdoor activities under the sun. She is so natural in front of the camera and she give a new lease [...]

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