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​Helena laced flare shirtdress | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Helena laced flare shirtdress styled by Tini Tani, a fashion designer and blogger from Russia. I always enjoy the way she style with all her accessories and the make up. She put in effort in everything that is the reason why it always turn out so good. And the fact that she is so slim [...]

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Kaylee Lacey Skater dress

Kaylee Lacey Skater dress by Joana Gröblinghoff, a young pretty fashionistas from Germany. So sorry that we haven’t been blogging this week as we were busy with one of our service provider. It has given us so much inconvenience and caused a big decrease in our sales too. Nonetheless, we were blessed with great angels [...]

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Havana iridescent batwing thrown over from Kristine's Collection

Havana iridescent batwing thrown over style by Kelly, young fashionista from New Zealand. She has just launched her blog not long ago. Please head down to her blog and check out her beautiful blog. She has 2 really irresistible contents for me in her blog. First it’s the outfit post which I enjoy very much [...]

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​Springfield Leafy brush stroke Dress from Singapore online shop Kristine's Collection

Springfield Leafy brush stroke Dress (Fall version, unreleased) by Joana Gröblinghoff, a young pretty fashionista from Germany. We love Joana and all the pictures that has her inside. She always look so princessy, the simple light make-up simply lighten her up and her golden hair that is always so well managed. And talking about hair, [...]

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​Look book style by Ingrid Ispas for Singapore blogshop Kristine's Collection

Look book style by Ingrid Ispas, a young fashionistas cum model from Romania. She is a great fashionista to work with, she is dedicated and very serious when it comes to collaboration. She will get a team to do it and they alway do it very professionally. I personally like the make up on her [...]

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Monique floral pants from Kristine's Collection

Monique floral pants style by Malena Permentier, a fashionista from Netherlands currently residing in Australia for love. Please head down to her blog and facebook to know more.This is not just another pretty face, she is a law graduate. I must be very careful of what I say, just kidding. The reason this pretty face [...]

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Retrolicious Pokka Dot Bustier Dress.| KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Retrolicious Pokka Dot Bustier Dress style by Festy. The face for Marks and Spencer Campaign, is back and this time she’s looking retro. Pokka dots are just so timeless, your mother even your grandmother might had wore it before and trust me, your daughter and even grand daughter will wear it too. Festy is just [...]

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Mirander Kerr military romper. | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Mirander Kerr military romper style by Gabriela Karbowska, a 17 year old fashionistas from Poland. This young, cheerful and chirpy fashionistas has completely no problem styling this look as she love romper and hats. And they look like they are made for each others. Do visit her blog and lookbook for more pictures When Gabriela excitedly [...]

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Maison ruffled resort blouse, a top for the hot summer.KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Tiphaine, 19 year old student from Switzerland is back with more pretty pictures. We have collaborated with Tiphaine a few times already and she is one of our favourite fashionistas. She has her own style and very persistant on keeping it that way. Check out her blog and instagram @tiphaine_p.Tiphaine is wearing our Maison [...]

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Romantic Carla sakura full crocheted dress at Paris | KRISTINE'S COLLECTION

Carla sakura full crocheted dress style by Amanda Custo, a photographer and fashionista based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We love her very much and hope you do so too and please visit her blog and facebook. On the previous blog post, we saw some of her pictures taken on the streets of Paris. It’s so [...]

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